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Is it a tattoo?

Yes, Permanent Make-up is a cosmetic tattoo.


Does it hurt?

The sensation can be loosely compared to tweezing the eyebrows. For your comfort, a topical anesthetic is used. Most clients experience no discomfort; however, some experience more discomfort during their time of the month.


What if I change my hair color?

Since all color choices are selected to harmonize with your skin tone and natural coloring, changing your hair color will not affect the look of properly applied permanent makeup.


What is the recovery time for permanent makeup?

Slight swelling of the eyebrows and eyeliner for a day or so. There is no bruising of the eye or eyebrow area. It is common for a person to return to work the same day. Lips, however, will have some residual swelling for several days.


Can I still wear traditional makeup over the tattooed area?
Yes! Permanent makeup is designed to be only an enhancement to your natural features. Wearing additional cosmetics is a personal choice.


How long does it last?
Permanent makeup never washes off or smears. It can soften through the years. The length of time will vary based on colors chosen, skin type, and compliance with after care instructions. Color refreshers will range from two to ten years and very on an individual basis.


How long does it take?
Eyeliner 15-20 minutes, Brows 15-20 minutes and 
Full Lips 20-25 minutes.  Each appointment is about an hour.



Permanent Makeup on your lunch hour!!



What kind of sterilization is used?
All implements and needles are pre-packaged and 
pre-sterilized. Only sterile disposable supplies are used at my practice.


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